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We scout out the very best for our clients, here you can find out why we love 

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Commitment to Professional Aesthetics

Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage CEO & Founder and President of CIDESCO Section U.S.A, is proud to be a leading US licensed esthetician.  She has dedicated her career to work with beauty industry professional around the world.  Her passion is to ensure that when you purchase a Repechage product, that you have the resources to seek a professional recommendation so that you know how best to care for your specific skincare needs.
Repêchage® is proud to be exclusively available through professional skin care centers, spas, medical centers, salons and through, all staffed with qualified beauty professionals who are available to answer your questions.

Commitment to Education

Repêchage® is committed to education. their advanced aesthetic training programs are available globally. They have extensive educational programs to improve the professional industry standards so that you get the best out of your clinic or spa experience.

At WellSkin Clinic Holly attends regular Repêchage® masterclasses with Lydia Safati, so she is always up to date with the latest protocols.   WellSkin Clinic is committed to continued learning, so we can ensure we are always getting the best results for our clients.

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Commitment to Salon Success

Repêchage® has one of the strongest salon support systems available in the beauty industry. Their extensive business support programs help their approved salons, spa's and clinics focus on what’s most important – providing the best treatments and services to you!

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Sustainably Harvested  Seaweed

In the US, off the coast of Maine, Repêchage has worked with leading scientists and aquaculturists to sustainably harvest several species of nutrient-rich seaweed. It is key to source seaweed from the most pristine environments, such as off the coast of Down East Maine.

Seaweed can be wild harvested, or grown through aquaculture. For wild harvesting the harvest takes place early in the morning, during the lowest tides of the spring and summer months that accompany the new and full moons.

Or, seaweed can be grown on ropes suspended in seawater, harvested by boat along floating lines and gathered into nets or large storage bins on harvesting boats. Crops are harvested over a period of a month or two until temperature conditions limit the growth of the crop. The seaweed is initially stored in wet chambers then dried at temperatures that minimize degradation of bioreactive compounds.


Commitment to Developing the
Best Products

Our research and development team is committed to creating only the very best products using the most advanced ingredients bringing the greatest results. Our in-house laboratories are headed by our Director of Research and Development Dr. Alexander Hammer. Our in-house quality control systems check every batch twice to ensure the finest, purist quality of product. We stand by our commitment to delivering the finest products, ingredients and formulations.

Repêchage® Concept Salon and Spa

When you visit a Repêchage® Concept Salon, Spa or Clinic you know that there is a professional standard that has been met.  We are all committed to ongoing education and training to learn the latest in skincare science and the best facial protocols and techniques.  WellSkin Clinic is the only approved Clinic offering Repêchage® services for face and Body in the Mendip Area!  


Treatments we Offer

As well as using Repêchage® products for our bespoke facial services and body treatments, we offer a range of classic Repêchage® treatments such as:

  • The 4 Layer Facial 

  • Hydra 4 - Red Out 

  • Peel and Reveal 

  • Opti Firm - Eye Contour Treatment 

  • Cellusea Body Wrap with Hydration Oil

To find out more about our treatments get in touch with us, or click the book now button below. 

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