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Holly's 30 Day's to Healthy Living

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I am not easily persuaded when it comes to changing my lifestyle, but by May this year (as most of us) I was feeling tired, irritable, my head was chaotic & I was generally stressed and unhappy with how I looked and felt! I knew half the problem was I was comfort and convenience eating rubbish foods and not moving as much as I should have been, but hey, I was always tired so I didn’t have the energy to do exercise after a day of working from home, homeschooling and running around after 3 children! Each “I’ll start my diet next week” turned to “next month”. I wasn’t happy but wasn’t taking control and doing anything to make me feel better! I was always “too busy”.

Then I decided it was time I stopped waiting until next week to get healthy and to do it right now! I didn’t want to do a fad diet, I really wanted to do something that would make me want to change my habits for good! Otherwise in my eyes there was no point doing anything as it would all just creep back in. I needed my mindset to change. I wanted to end up actually WANTING to make healthier choices, without resenting it! One night I was catching up with an old friend over Facebook and she recommended the 30 Day Detox/Healthy Living Challenge as a good fit for me. I will be honest as to start with I was a bit dubious, I have NEVER done anything like this before, I have tried protein shakes before and never really thought that was something I could ever use as a meal replacement as I love food too much! However, I was attracted to this plan because I knew the products were from a B-Corp Certified Company, were vegan, and after doing some research I found they had really good reviews so decided to give it a shot!

I'll be honest the first day I felt amazing... the second and third days were harder. All I wanted was SUGAR! It made me realize how much of a sugar addict I must have been! During those day's I was also studying most nights until 2am and also preparing to reopen the salon, with a 1 year old that equals, literally no sleep as by the time I was dozing off it was almost time to get up again! So I don't think that helped. However, by day four I was starting to really feel the benefits. my energy was boosted and my mood had improved. I was getting all the nutrient I needed to run properly!

After a week I could really see and feel the difference in my body, I looked slimmer, my skin was brighter, I was more energetic, and felt I was doing more with my time instead of wasting it where I was tired or couldn't think straight.

After completing the 30 days I really do feel happier with my body, more energetic, less stressed and it’s made me crave doing it again! I've gone from about 6 coffees a day with 2 sugars to most day's zero coffee's and not even missed it (not having coffee for 30 day's was the main thing I was worried about when I started the challenge! haha).

I genuinely am thinking about what I eat now and I want to eat well! I always knew we are what we eat and that all of our new cells are made from what we consume, but I never actually felt the difference it made to my body before this challenge!! Because I loved it so much I want to share it with as many people as possible! Why don’t you join me for my next 30 days? Along with you’re 30 day fully vegan protein and healthy living food boost and drink pack, I’ll give you some tips, advice, find you some workouts and guided meditation to suit your individual needs and point you in the right direction for some amazing food recipes to incorperate into your 30 days!

Send me a direct message to arrange an online chat so we can get you joined up and ready to start your journey to healthy living with me as your personal guide!

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